5 Qualities of a Star Massage Therapist

As a spa owner, finding the right professionals to provide the services your spa offers is crucial to building a strong business. Massage is one area that can be tricky to hire, but it is imperative to find a quality massage therapist, because massage is the most popular service that spas offer.

Finding a star massage therapist can be difficult, but the results are worth it. As the most popular service for both men and women, massage can bring a lot of business to your spa. As you are hiring a massage therapist, look for someone who…

…Focuses on Clients

As the saying goes, “the customer is always right,” and you need a massage therapist who is willing to put that into action. In the spa world, the client is the most important person, and a good massage therapist recognizes that. A good candidate creates a welcoming ambience for clients, complete with soothing music and soft, relaxing smells. The atmosphere in a massage is almost as important as the massage itself, so look for someone who can create a soothing environment for clients to enjoy.

…Promotes Him/Herself to Bring in Business

A major part of the beauty and wellness industry includes bringing in clientele; this applies to each employee you hire, including massage therapists. A massage therapist with an established clientele is a bonus, but that is not always necessary. Rather, look for someone who is ready and willing to promote him/herself to find new clients. The ability to market your business in new and innovative ways will bring business not just to the massage therapist, but to your spa as well.

…Builds Rapport

Just as important as bringing new clients to the spa is converting them into loyal customers. A massage therapist who builds rapport with clients keeps them coming back for more. It takes more than good technique and soft music; a star massage therapist creates a relationship with clients by having a sense of empathy and truly caring about their experiences on the massage table.

…Customizes Technique to Fit Clients’ Needs

When a client lays down on the massage table, they need to have their needs taken care of. A standout massage therapist should have a wide knowledge of massage techniques and styles in order to customize each massage to each client. No two clients are the same, so no two massages will be exactly the same, and a quality massage therapist must accommodate each individual’s needs.

…Has a Flexible Work Schedule

Working in a spa often means working nights, weekends, and other odd hours. If your spa is open on Saturdays and Sundays, it doesn’t make sense to hire a candidate who is unavailable on those days. Similarly, if your peak hours for business are between 11 am and 2 pm, your employees need to be flexible on taking lunch breaks. The life of a spa employee can be somewhat unpredictable, so a flexible schedule is an absolute must.

Whether you have offered massage at your spa for years, or you are just adding it to the menu, massage is an amazing offering for your clients. We hope that these tips make your quest for the right massage therapist a little bit easier.

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