Benefits of Opening a Spa Franchise vs. Starting Your Own Spa

The gleam of a chromed hairdresser’s chair, the sheen of a freshly coiffed French twist, the flick of a fresh powder brush:  the poignant, ephemeral aspects of your own spa experiences might be one reason you’ve decided to pursue business ownership in the spa industry, but there is also a much larger reason to pursue this avenue:  independence doing what you love.

Starting a spa or salon isn’t all rose petals and nail polish, though:  just like any other new business venture, there are some very real factors to consider before you dive in. Below, we delve into three of those factors, and posit spa franchising as one (shorter) path to take to pursue your dream.

Marilyn Monroe™; Rights of Publicity and Persona Rights: The Estate of Marilyn Monroe LLC. Photo by Milton H. Greene © 2016 Joshua Greene Marilyn Monroe™; Rights of Publicity and Persona Rights: The Estate of Marilyn Monroe LLC. Photo by Milton H. Greene © 2016 Joshua Greene

Starting a Salon:  Three Considerations

Developing Your Customer Base

Your customers are your businessbecause not only do they drive the revenue and profitability that make your spa business successful, but also because they are your frontline marketing, providing online reviews, word-of-mouth referrals, and key customer feedback that keeps your spa (or salon business) growing.

Knowing and developing your customer base is both science and art, since factors like brand recognition, location, your service offerings, decor, and even your in-house talent (like estheticians, stylists, and masseuses) affect the type of clientele you’ll attract. As you start to work on your spa business plan, keep your customers top-of-mind, because they will be one of the biggest determinants in your salon’s success and profitability.

Defining Your Service and Product Offerings

What do Aveda, Paul Mitchell, and Marilyn Monroe Spas have in common? Each of these beauty centers has a well-defined brand identity, a  premium quality product set exclusively available at their locations, and service offerings that are comprehensive, distinctive, and keep customers coming back for more.

In contrast, think of your local hair salon or a the day spa you visited that one time in Napa:  what “defined” those locations? Did your find their service offerings complete?   Were memorable, “signature services” available?

The products your team uses at your spa, salon, or nail business don’t only affect the in-store experience:  they also drive high-margin product sales.

Moreover, how are you packaging your new business? Is it going to be a hair salon, a day spa, or massage business? Thinking about the services you want to offer—before you lease or build a location—helps you be more successful when the time comes to begin hiring.

Marketing Your Salon Business:  Where to Begin?

Marketing your salon or spa business is similar to starting any other business at the beginning:  coming up with and establishing  a name and a brand identity, creating marketing materials, building a website, and printing business cards are all part of the standard stepsbut don’t forget that because you’re also running a beauty business, creating and marketing specific “packages” tailored to your customers is also important.

Don’t know exactly where to start? This list breaks down a few very manageable steps you can take to get started.

A Shorter Path:  Opening a Spa Franchise

Reviewing the challenges that identifying your customer base, establishing your brand, building your service and product offerings, thinking about the effort required to start your new salon business, and attracting and retaining customers, we realize that getting started can be a daunting prospect.

With over 30 collective years in the hospitality and spa industry, our team at Marilyn Monroe Spas has compiled some of the top reasons why opening a spa franchise overcomes these challenges, whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or just getting started in the spa industry.

Below, a few of the reasons why our franchisees started a spa franchise under the Marilyn Monroe brand:  

Lower Startup Effort

You’re not building a brand, you’re buying into one. Synonymous with glamour and style, the Marilyn Monroe Spas name is associated with an inimitable spa  experience, which means that customers will readily understand what you do and what it means to them.

Real estate selection, site design and support, plus various franchisee training programs as well as marketing materials are just some of the benefits all Marilyn Monroe Spas franchisees receive.  They facilitate spa ownership even for those with no previous industry experience.

In contrast, starting a salon business or spa independently means that all these Marilyn Monroe Spas franchisee benefits are instead efforts you must undertake on your own, many of which realistically require previous industry experience.

Lower Business Risk with Franchise Support

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or someone exploring new franchise opportunities, entering the spa business can be tricky. With nuances perhaps not readily apparent to the uninitiated, the experience that both current Marilyn Monroe Spas franchisees and their corporate team bring to the table means that you can avoid the mistakes that many startup businesses make in this industry.

Comprehensive franchisee support  includes start-up programs to help you launch your spa business, training programs for your employees, and ongoing training and franchise support that sustains your competitive advantage.

Whether you’re just starting out in the spa industry or or have years of experience, Marilyn Monroe Spas has the expertise and resources to help you get started.

Contact us today to learn about how we can help you launch your spa business.