How to Recruit the Right Talent for Your Spa or Salon

When it comes to salon employment, the business is only as good as the people who provide the services. That means that a salon can have a beautiful design, excellent marketing, and impeccable atmosphere, but if the hairstylists, estheticians, nail technicians, massage therapists, and other service providers are not good at their jobs it won’t matter. Your salon will not attract business unless you employ high-quality talent.

As you set out on the journey of hiring hair stylists and other professionals, you may be wondering how to recruit the best talent. There is not one way to find and retain quality employees, and the more experience you have doing it, the better you are going to be. Here we have a few tips on the type of talent to look for, where to find them, and how to attract them to work in your salon or spa franchise.

Two Types of Talent

Hair recruitment can be a competitive game, and it can be hard to snatch up the best talent. The same goes for recruiting and hiring other beauty professionals. It is important to realize that there are two types of talent that you may want to recruit: the experienced professional and the new graduate.

Experienced professionals are desirable to hire for a number of obvious reasons. For one thing, they often already have a devoted client base and following, so they can bring business to your salon right away. Secondly, their experience means that they are already good at what they do, they may even have a specialty, and they will have no problem bringing in new business.

The new graduate from beauty school—whether they do hair, nails, skincare, massage, or any other service—can be a great boon to your salon as well. Although they do not have the experience or the existing client base that an experienced professional has, the new graduate can be easily trained in the specific services you want to focus on. Training a new graduate to provide the specific services that your salon specializes in can help you create the spa and salon you dreamed of.

Finding and Recruiting Talent

Once you have determined what kind of talent you are looking for (hint: seeking out a combination of experienced pros and new beauty grads can create an amazing combination of talent), you can start seeking them out.

Job Fairs

Setting up a booth at a job fair is a great way to attract talent to your salon. Choosing a job fair that is associated with a school or university will almost guarantee that the majority of your applicants are recent graduates, but people from all walks of life attend job fairs.


Giving applicants reminders of your salon is a great way to encourage them to work for you. Swag—something small but useful with the salon logo—helps prospective employees remember you and your salon and subtly indicates what kind of work environment you have created. Swag shows prospects that working for your salon will provide benefits in addition to the job.


Many experienced salon professionals—especially the really good ones—already have jobs at salons that they may love. In fact, in some cases courting a quality, experienced beauty pro will mean taking him or her from an existing job. In order to do this, your salon has to be able to offer something that the other salons don’t; things like financial incentives, good company culture, better hours or opportunities, are all enticing when people are looking for jobs.

Recruiting hair stylists, massage therapists, and other talent to your salon is a process that requires careful thought and a fair amount of work. Remember that finding the best talent and recruiting high-quality employees does not always happen in a day, so be patient!

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