Iconic Branding and Your Business


“That Famous White Dress”

A pleated white halter dress, a pair of stiletto slingbacks, a whooshing subway in the distance:  sounds like a normal summer evening in New York, right?

Wrong:  this was no average woman out for her evening city stroll. That warm September night in 1954 made history when Marilyn Monroe shot the “flying skirt” scene for the Seven Year Itch—and neither New York sidewalks nor white summer dresses would ever be seen the same.

Marilyn wasn’t just any 50s starlet:  she was the starlet. Her style, demeanor, grace, and charm made her an international icon on the silver screen, setting new standards for female beauty and glamour. From her breakout performance in The Asphalt Jungle to her trailblazing creation of Marilyn Monroe Productions (Hollywood’s second woman-owned business of its kind), Marilyn wasn’t afraid to push the envelope—because her confidence and winning appeal consistently won over America.

“That silly little dress,” as designer William Travilla called it, made history in 1954, as it still does today for one reason:  it represents Marilyn as a brand. Fourteen takes, a raucous band of New Yorkers, and the late hour didn’t stop Marilyn from delivering what she did best that night:  bringing warmth to movie screens nationwide, shifting paradigms on female sexuality, and conveying charisma that broke box office records.

The Power of the Brand

Defining Marilyn isn’t easy—she’s an actress, business woman, and icon—whose work in Hollywood went beyond movie theaters to affect cultural norms. This savvy blonde, though, knew that some of her most shining traits—her humor, her energy, her charisma, her beauty—were also the same characteristics that brought her such success. In essence, Marilyn knew her personal brand to the core, and she played to those strengths.

Think about brand as impression:  Marilyn—and every other consumer product or service, for that matter—leaves behind an impact. That impact is measured by the feeling a brand gives us, the conversations we have with it, the actions it inspires us to take.

Branding isn’t just logos and Facebook posts, emails and flyers—branding is the experience we share with our customers that drives conversations and builds relationships.

Marilyn’s Brand and You

Marilyn’s brand is still alive and well:  with over 14 million Facebook fans worldwide, her vibrant essence lives on for the simple reason that women and men alike see a little bit of themselves in Marilyn.

Marilyn Monroe Spas has bottled Marilyn’s iconic glamour in a chic experience that lets her fans worldwide be a part of her approach to beauty:  timeless, able to flex between characters, and leaving a lasting impression, it’s a not just another amazing customer experience; it’s also a franchising opportunity that stands out from the crowd.

A different spa franchise for a clientele base that accepts nothing but Marilyn’s exacting standards, Marilyn Monroe Spas raises the bar for spa franchises with its beautifully-designed locations, services typically found at resort spas, pricing power, diverse beauty and maintenance packages, and an all-organic product line.

Your one-stop-shop for every beauty, grooming, and beauty upkeep need, Marilyn Monroe Spas can bring this touch of glamour to your neighborhood needs. For Marilyn, beauty was just one aspect of why she became a star. For potential franchisees, the same can be said:  Marilyn Monroe Spas aren’t just a one-of-a-kind experience—they’re also backed up by a service offering, management and support network, and world-class management team..

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