One Unexpected Way to Tap Into the Booming Health & Wellness Industry

Looking for a franchise opportunity that lets you take advantage of the swell of spending on health and wellness trends? Marilyn Monroe Spas is the franchise concept for smart, enterprising business people who seek to gain access into the lucrative spa and salon industry, which is emerging as a key point of delivery for consumers seeking to enhance their health and wellness.

Opening a salon and spa may not sound like the way to get in the door of health and wellness, but consider this: consumer spending on wellness related services, such as massage, and utilizing organic products, is growing and shows no signs of slowing down. The revenue potential in a spa franchise is enormous, especially with Marilyn Monroe Spas. Our multi-category concept appeals to a wide variety of consumers and includes multiple revenue streams.

The unexpected way to tap into the booming health and wellness industry? Opening a Marilyn Monroe Spa.

Growing Consumer Spending Power

The health and beauty industry commands a huge portion of consumer spending in the United States. This booming industry has several segments. One of the most important segments includes beauty services and body treatments, including massages, hair treatments, face and body care. A second thriving portion of the industry is the sale of beauty products—hair care, makeup, and body care.

In order to truly understand the astonishing growth in consumer spending on health and beauty—and its connection to larger health and wellness trends—we examine products and services separately.

Services and Treatments

Between 2014 and 2019, the spa and salon industry—including hair, nails, face, and body—is expected to grow by 3.2% each year. By 2019, the industry is expected to generate $58.7 billion in annual revenue.

As the economy grows and disposable income increases, past trends suggest that spending on spa services and treatments will go up along with it. According to industry reports, as these positive economic factors continue on an upward trend, consumers will spend more on high value treatments, such as massages, and facials, which are driving spa industry growth.

Beauty Products

In 2014, total sales of beauty products reached $38.1 billion. Even more exciting, sales are projected to increase by 2% each year until 2019, when total sales are expected to reach $42.5 billion.

Skincare products comprise 36% of all beauty product sales, the highest share.

Makeup and other color cosmetics account for 15% of sales. Falling under the skincare category, anti-aging products continue to gain popularity. Indeed, 40% of millennials prioritize spending on products that slow aging, and older generations continue to invest in products to preserve their skin.

Revolutionizing the Health and Wellness Industry

These two facets of the health and beauty industry come together in Marilyn Monroe Spas. Our franchisees benefit from BOTH revenue streams, making our spas transformative in the industry.

Single Concept? We Prefer Multiple Revenue Streams

There are plenty of single concept companies in the health, beauty and wellness industry; businesses like Great Clips or Massage Envy fit squarely in the services and treatments category, without making room for beauty products. (Dani please find another angle here. This statement is just not true.)

Multiple Concepts Sets Us Apart

Marilyn Monroe Spas franchises enjoy the best of both worlds:  our spa franchise owners capitalize on the enormous growth in both of these exciting industry segments.

Opening a Marilyn Monroe Spa and salon is your gateway to taking advantage of the growing spending in health and beauty and its increasing connection to health and wellness. Our multi-category approach creates an unexpected gateway into the salon and spa industry. This franchise concept, though not obvious, is unique in the industry. Combining high quality services, state of the art facilities, and a proprietary, certified organic product line makes Marilyn Monroe Spas the spa business plan that is changing the day spa world.

Investing in a Marilyn Monroe Spas franchise is the way for an enterprising and ambitious individual to join this exciting industry. Learn more about our unique approach and revolutionary ideas by downloading our franchise brochure.

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