Spa Franchise Opportunity with an Iconic Brand

As an entrepreneur, you know it can be a challenge to stand out from the crowd.

A brief look at history reveals an enormous cast of characters, yet there are few whose achievements, perception, and legacy place them in the realm of the iconic. Certainly there are warriors, artists, leaders, and musicians who stand out, but few are they who—as an icon—represent the yardstick by which all others are measured.

The power of an iconic brand is immeasurable. In the beauty industry in particular, there is special value in the marriage of iconic branding with top-level service. The timelessness of beauty icon Marilyn Monroe and her enduring legacy still garner a growing fan base to this day, and the Marilyn Monroe Facebook page boasts over 14.5 million fans at this time. Marilyn Monroe Spa customers visit our locations across the United States because each time they’ll receive a first-rate experience that leaves them with a touch of Marilyn’s glamour.

How exactly do Marilyn Monroe Spas deliver a first-rate customer experience? We start with the basics: modern, beautiful, clean environments that feature unprecedented approaches to cleanliness, hygiene, and safety. Our facilities provide a resort-like spa experience without having to travel to a resort—thanks to our convenient locations in local lifestyle centers. Tying together the entire experience, we take a comprehensive approach to wellness and self-care by providing beauty, grooming and body maintenance services all under one roof. We complete the picture with certified organic skin care products used in all spa services, while vegan, three-free polishes are offered for manicures and pedicures.

We’ve established a top-level support network to translate this iconic branding and first-rate customer experience into a viable business venture for franchisees. A full range of support services in the arenas of real estate selection, design and construction, training, operations, as well as marketing and creative services is available to all franchisees.

Ready to learn more about the day spa franchise that offers the utmost in glamour, service, and customer experience? Learn more about what it means to become a Marilyn Monroe Spas franchisee. You’re one step closer to living your franchising dream!