Spa Trends 2017

The great thing about the beauty and wellness industry is that it is constantly evolving. Magazines, movies, and red carpets all influence how we want to look and present ourselves, and the ever-changing nature of beauty makes it fun!

With how fast things change, it may be difficult for salon and spa managers to keep up with the trends all the time. Owners and managers have to be on the lookout for the trends that have staying power, as opposed to the ones that are merely a blip. Take a look at some of these spa trends for 2017, and decide what products and services you want to bring to your salon.

Spa Parties

The perfect way to celebrate any occasion is by going to the spa with a group of friends. Offering spa parties is a great way to bring a group of women into your spa, many of whom may have never visited. Spa parties are perfect for bachelorettes, baby showers, birthdays, corporate outings, and any other occasion that your clients can think of.

Spa parties can be a fun way to bring in clients who otherwise might not have visited your salon or spa. You may even convert new customers when they come to a party with their friends or coworkers!

Eyelash Extensions

Salon goers are loving the high-maintenance look but the low-maintenance life of eyelash extensions, and the demand for this beauty service is going up. Eyelash extensions have a variety of benefits, including adding length and volume to lashes, saving clients time on their morning beauty routines, and looking gorgeous for as long as four weeks!

Offering eyelash extensions can be a good addition to your beauty menu, as the service takes a relatively short time and most women who indulge in extensions do so on a regular basis, adding recurring revenue. Your stylists can certify in a short time—usually a one or two day training and certification period—so you can add eyelash extensions to your menu virtually right away.

Clean Beauty

Sustainability and environmental friendliness is more than just a trend; for many Americans it’s a way of life. It is important for many beauty consumers to use products that are sustainably made with organic ingredients that do not harm them or the earth. Offering products that are certified organic can be a big boost to any salon.


If your salon does not have a website it might as well be invisible. 68% of American adults use a smartphone, and it is no secret that a big portion of smartphone usage involves browsing the internet. Offering customers and clients complimentary wifi impresses guests (and conserves their data!) as it allows them to stay connected during their visits. Free wifi is an amenity that adds an extra layer of luxury to your salon.

Bringing these trends to your spa can increase your traffic and create return customers. If you want help and support adding products and services, consider converting your salon into a Marilyn Monroe Spas franchise. Learn about our franchise opportunity to see if you’re interested!