Techniques Your Top Stylists Should Know Now

The start of a new year is a time when we make goals on a personal and professional level. As a spa owner, your goals for the new year need to be rooted in the beauty and wellness trends that are popular. Take a look at some of these techniques that your hair stylists, massage therapists, and estheticians should know to keep your salon on the forefront in your area.



Extra long hair—a la Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Beyonce—is one of the biggest looks emerging in 2017. Locks that extend past the waist are a big hit, so make sure your stylists are up to speed on how to make these ultra-long extensions work for their clients.


This amazing and popular technique for creating natural, gradient highlights is officially here to stay. Your stylists who have perfected their hand-painting technique to create custom looks will be high in demand through 2017.

Vibrant Hair Dye

From pale pink to last year’s super popular silver dye, pastel locks are here to stay. 2017 should be a big year for hot new green hues in addition to the lovely blues, lavenders, and pinks that have been street style staples for the last few years. Stylists who know how to create the perfect pastels and advise your clients on proper maintenance to keep their color gorgeous.


Customizable Massage

A massage therapist who knows Swedish massage, relaxation massage, and other popular massage techniques is an invaluable asset, because massage is the most popular service that spas offer. When clients book massages, they are often looking for a custom pampering experience to meet their individual needs. Quality massage therapists use their knowledge of different massage styles can offer your clients the massage of their dreams.


Eyelash Extensions

The lash trend that is sweeping the nation is eyelash extensions. These semi-permanent falsies give clients long and full eyelashes, making them look youthful and awake. Eyelash extensions are one of the hottest services that spas can offer, so putting this service on your menu is a must.


Eyebrows are thick and full and here to stay. Microblading is a new technique to shape and fill in eyebrows using small, precise strokes to create a semi-permanent effect that builds gorgeous brows. Microblading is not permanent like cosmetic tattooing, but the results last for months at a time. Bring this hot new service to your spa to give clients a new way to care for their brows.

The beauty and wellness industry is ever changing, and spa owners are the ones who bring the trends to their communities. Keeping up on what is happening in the world of beauty will keep your spa thriving, your employees learning, and your clients happy.

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