Three Reasons to Own a Day Spa Franchise

If you are looking for a franchise opportunity in an industry that is constantly growing, it’s time to think about day spas. When many think of day spas, they often think of them as a place that is geared only towards the wealthy who can afford to go each week. However, the face of day spas is changing, and this billion dollar industry is not dominated by exclusive and opulent spas in Beverly Hills.

A day spa franchise is a good fit in nearly any city or town, and people all over America are seeing their value. Take a look at these three reasons to invest in a day spa franchise, and see if you can say no to this exciting industry.

#1 A Billion Dollar Industry

Owning a day spa franchise will mean that you work in both beauty and wellness, which are both multi-billion dollar industries on their own. Americans are increasingly seeing the value of both beauty and wellness, as is evidenced by day spa growth. Each year since 2008, the American day spa industry has increased, growing to include more than 21,000 locations in 2015.

All told, the day spa industry grew to be worth $16.3 billion in the United States alone in 2015. The beauty industry is even bigger, as it encompasses all beauty services and products. The wellness industry is the all-encompassing industry that comprises day spas and beauty, as well as a other categories. Within the wellness industry, beauty (products and services?) makes up the largest portion, earning over $1 trillion in 2013.

#2 Diverse Service Offerings

Investing in a day spa franchise will mean that you can take advantage of this huge industry by offering diverse services to clients. The average American woman spends an average of about $1800 per year at the salon! Women who get a manicure and pedicure every two weeks spend an average of $1,345 per year keeping her hands and feet soft.

It is common for day spas to offer these services and more. Haircuts and mani/pedi combos are just the beginning; most spas offer waxing, facials, massages, makeup artistry, and a variety of specialty services like eyelash extensions and microdermabrasion. Each of these services is its own little revenue stream for your spa franchise.

#3 Day Spas Help People

In an investigation of why people visit day spas, specifically to receive a massage, researchers found a variety of different reasons. Surprisingly, the top reason that people seek massage is for medical reasons, which just goes to show how beneficial massage can be. Here is a breakdown of the top reasons people get massages:

·       52% medical

·       33% relaxation/ stress reduction

·       19% pain relief/ pain management

·       15% soreness/ stiffness/ spasms

·       11% injury recovery/ rehabilitation

·       11% pampering/ just to feel good/ special indulgence

·       5% keep fit/ healthy/ wellness

·       1% prenatal

Massage is just one way that day spas help people. It is no secret that some people get a boost of confidence from maintaining their appearance, and day spas create a safe place for women to relax, enjoy a treatment, and up their confidence.

Marilyn Monroe Spas is a budding day spa franchise that offers you the opportunity to get involved in the huge beauty and wellness industry. Learn more about our franchise opportunity by downloading our free brochure, and see how joining with Marilyn Monroe Spas can change your life.