Types of Beauty Salon Franchises

If you are looking for beauty salon franchise opportunities, it can be difficult to know where to begin. For one thing, there is so much more to the beauty industry than most people expect, as it encompasses the world of hair, nails, waxing, facials and massage, and that’s just within salons and spas! Investing in a beauty salon franchise requires a lot of work, but that work is incredibly rewarding as you spend your days making people feel their best.

It is no secret that the beauty industry is alive and well. Beauty salons have grown faster than the economy as a whole for the past decade, performing better than nearly any other industry even during the recession.

As you explore franchise opportunities, you need to start by investigating the types of beauty salon franchises that are out there. As we mentioned, there is more to owning a salon or spa than hiring a stylist and hoping for the best. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you explore this industry:

  • Where does my passion lie in beauty?
  • Do I want to work with women, men, children, or all of the above?
  • Do I want to specialize in one type of beauty salon franchise (e.g. hair, nails, massage) or is a full service salon and spa a better fit?

These basic questions can help you narrow down your options and find the perfect franchise for you. We have also taken the time to put together a brief description of the niches in the beauty salon franchise industry in order to help you in your research.

Hair Salon Franchise Opportunities


Choosing a hair salon franchise will allow you to focus completely on hair, without worrying about any other services. Paying to get a haircut is something nearly everyone does, and the average American woman spends $212 each year on haircuts alone.


  • Requires little infrastructure—chairs, mirrors, and sinks are the most basic needs if you are investing in a haircut franchise. If you want to offer additional services on top of haircuts, you will need more infrastructure.
  • Attracts a diverse clientele—men, women, and children all get their hair cut.
  • Offer specific services—you can choose to offer only haircuts, specialize in color and highlights, or any other hair treatment.
  • Sell products for a high margin—in many salons, products make up as much as 15% to 20% of the total revenue.


There are a variety of diverse opportunities available for people who are looking to invest in a hair salon franchise opportunity. There are brands that are geared specifically at children (Cool Cuts 4 Kids franchise) or men (Sport Clips franchise), and haircut franchises that specialize in cuts but no other hair services (Great Clips franchise).

Haircut franchises are relatively common in communities all over the nation. Everyone gets their hair cut, and these franchise opportunities allow you to meet a need in your community.

Though they are less common, there are hair salon franchises that offer more specialized services to their clients. Things like highlights, color, and perms are more standard, but a hair salon franchise can also specialize in things like updos or blowouts.

Nail Salon Franchise Opportunities

A nail franchise is also a unique and specialized business. Nail art is popular now, and women are paying to have their hands and feet soaked, sloughed, pampered, and painted. In fact, in 2012 alone, nail salons earned a whopping $7.47 billion.


  • Relatively high margins—the average woman who gets her nails professionally done does so twice a month, spending $1,345 each year.
  • Thrive on repeat business—a salon thrives on the reputation and skill of its nail technicians, and building a clientele is well worth the time and effort.
  • Specialize treatments—many nail franchises have special manicure or pedicure offerings that become their signature. Customers love knowing that they can go to any location and enjoy their favorite pedicure.


Brands like MiniLuxe franchise, Nail Garden franchise, and L.A. Nails franchise offer opportunities for nail salons. Enterprising business people can open a nail franchise for a relatively low investment, but they may be missing out on revenue that can come from franchise opportunities with more diverse service offerings.

Waxing Salon Franchise Opportunities

Waxing is certainly not a new beauty treatment, but waxing salons are still cropping up everywhere. Waxing used to be something that you could only get as an add-on at a salon, but now waxing franchises are becoming more and more popular.


  • Small footprint—a waxing franchise can take up very little space, especially if you focus on facial waxing. If your waxing franchise offers body waxing, you will need to provide ample space for clients to have privacy as they have their hair removed.
  • Broad clientele—reports indicate that 21% of women wax as their preferred hair removal method.
  • Simple business model—being able to focus on just one beauty service can be liberating, though you may miss out on revenue from other services. Offering clients an amazing waxing experience, whether you offer brows or Brazilians, can keep things simple and efficient.


You can invest in a Waxing the City franchise or a Cocktail Wax franchise, among other opportunities. Waxing franchises on their own will need excellent marketing and talented hair removal experts to attract clients because waxing is already widely available in most markets.

More rare are laser hair removal franchises, which require specialized equipment and additional certification. Indeed, as laser hair removal needs to be performed by dermatologist, it is more difficult to get into this niche in the hair removal industry.

Massage Salon Franchise Opportunities

Massage used to be considered a luxury that the average person would rarely indulge in, but this is changing. Massage is no longer seen as a luxury for many people, as you can get a massage at a variety of locations, not just an expensive spa or hotel.


  • A popular service—people get massages more often than they used to, due in part to easy availability. Between July 2015 and July 2016, as many as 57.6 million Americans had at least one massage.
  • A growing industry—data show that in 2015, the massage industry earned $12.1 billion in revenue. Compare this to projections from 2005, which estimated that massage would earn anywhere from $6-11 billion by 2015.


Getting a massage at a spa or salon is still the most popular way to go; according to research, 22% of people who got massages from July 2015 to July 2016 did so at a spa, while only 9% indulged at a massage salon franchise.

Of the massage franchise brands, two of the most common are the Massage Envy franchise and Hand and Stone franchise, though there are others in the industry. Massage franchises are in a unique place, as they are limited in the services they offer, so clients who want a more comprehensive beauty or wellness treatment may need to go elsewhere.

Full Service Beauty Salon Franchise Opportunities

Business-minded people and beauty aficionados alike can see the appeal of owning a franchise in each individual sector of the beauty salon franchise industry, but what you may not realize is that you can invest in a full service beauty salon franchise and cover all the bases.

Full service salons allow entrepreneurs to attract the customers who are interested in each type of beauty salon franchise individually. Offering hair, nails, waxing, and massage services means that your business has multiple revenue streams and attracts a wider range of customers.

  • Customers: Not only do full service salons attract customers who normally get their hair, nails, or waxing done, but they also attract a certain group of people who like to pamper themselves. There is an undeniable cachet in a full service beauty salon, where people can go to enjoy the simple luxury of beauty pampering. A full service salon and spa attracts customers in a higher income bracket, as opposed to salons that cater simply to haircuts or manicures.
  • Employees: Because a full service salon offers a variety of beauty and wellness treatments, you will have a more diverse group of employees with varying skills. This does require good management, as the qualities of a good hair stylist are not necessarily the same as the qualities of a good massage therapist, but making the most of your staff’s unique talents can be fulfilling for employees and customers alike.
  • Convenience: Being able to spend an afternoon at the salon, indulging in all their beauty needs, is a big driving force for salon clients. Enjoying all the beauty services under one roof is incredibly convenient, saving busy clients the time and hassle of scheduling appointments at salons all over town.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams: Probably the biggest perk for the business-minded franchisee is that full service beauty salons have multiple revenue streams, which help you make money. Offering your clients quality services for all their beauty needs allows you to bring in money from every direction. When your waxing department is slow, massage may make up for it. Not selling a lot of hair products? Book extra nail appointments to bring in profits.

The biggest pro of investing in a full service beauty salon franchise? You get to capitalize on all the strengths of each of the specific beauty services franchises. For example, as a full service salon, you can enjoy the repeat business of people who color their hair, women who get monthly pedicures, clients who sit down for a regular wax, and those who indulge in massages.

Marilyn Monroe Spas

A full service salon franchise opportunity awaits you at Marilyn Monroe Spas! The entrepreneurs who invest in Marilyn Monroe Spas get to take advantage of the many ways that we have set our brand apart, including:

  • An iconic image: Marilyn Monroe is glamour personified. People around the world know her face and her image, both of which represent the epitome of beauty. We have harnessed her iconic status to create a brand that is unlike any other.
  • An unprecedented approach to cleanliness: Hygiene is no small matter, and we are dedicated to creating a clean and safe space for all our clients. Using Autoclave technology—a hospital grade sterilization technique—our manicure and pedicure tools are the safest in the business.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams: Not only do we offer beauty and wellness services that run the gamut from haircuts to facials to massages, but we also have our own unique line of at-home beauty products inspired by Marilyn herself

Making the decision to invest in a beauty salon franchise is a big one, so make sure to choose a brand that speaks to you. At Marilyn Monroe Spas, we love the full-service salon franchise model, as it gives us the flexibility to give our clients what they need.

If you’re ready to learn more about our opportunity, contact us!