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Debunking Four of the Top Myths Involving Salon Franchises

When researching an investment in any franchise, you’ll likely be exposed to some frequently-repeated information. Salon franchises are no different, but what should you believe?

When researching investment opportunities for salon franchises – or any franchises, for that matter – you’ll likely find plenty of common misconceptions. We’re here to help fix that.

Here’s a look at a few of the most common franchise myths, and why they should be debunked.

There’s No Freedom in Owning a Franchise

This is simply not true.

The common myth here is that people tend to think you’re simply paying to open someone else’s store, and that even if you “own” the store, you’re just playing by someone else’s rules with a corporate boss looking over your shoulder all day like any other employee. That’s not quite how it works.

It’s true that part of your investment is paying for the right to utilize the established, trusted brand and reach of your franchisor – a perk that’s nearly priceless for new business owners. And you’re also receiving our basic structure and business model that has proven to be successful before. Again, another indispensable perk of franchise ownership.

But there’s no way we’d call that a lack of freedom. Rather, it’s simply a foundational boost to your business that helps you hit the ground running. After that, we want our franchisees to take ownership of their individual salon and spa locations.

We hire our franchisees because we believe in their unique abilities and strengths to run a business, which inherently means each of their Marilyn Monroe locations will be unique and successful in its own way. You get the freedom to run your own business your way – we’re just setting you up with the framework for your business.

I’ll Only Be Successful if I Find the ‘Right’ Franchise

Sometimes the “right” business is one that challenges you and pushes you to new levels of success that a comfortable, familiar setting might not have allowed you to reach.

When it comes to the “right” franchise though, you’ll want to find a company that cares about its potential franchisees and treats them as part of the family. You’ll want the expert training to help prepare you for the need-to-knows and basics of the company, and you’ll want a terrific support staff that can give you advice when you’re not quite sure what to do.

And yes, most franchises worth your time will advertise some sort of training and support program. But not all of them provide it. That’s why investing in a franchise like Marilyn Monroe Spas is such a smart investment: We care about our franchisees and their businesses on a personal level, and we want them all to succeed.

It’s with that in mind that we offer a full and comprehensive training program, as well as salon and spa franchise support to our franchisees.

I Can Only Be Successful Owning a Franchise In an Industry I Love

We want to encourage the strong candidates out there who might not be sure if this is the right opportunity for them: It absolutely is.

Our brand is built around the beauty and glamour of legendary icon Marilyn Monroe, and so naturally we love when our franchisees are familiar with the beauty industry. But we also recognize there are some really incredible potential franchisees out there that have little or no experience in this particular field. You don’t need to pick up the latest glamour magazine every week to be successful as a Marilyn Monroe Spas franchisee; you do need a strong business acumen, a dedicated work ethic, and the particular skills that come with every great business owner.

So don’t sweat it if you occasionally wear white after Labor Day and aren’t entirely familiar with the hottest hairstyles this fall. If you stop at nothing to succeed and are qualified to be a business owner, we want to hear from you!

I Can’t Afford a Salon Franchise

It’s really more affordable than you think.

It’s generally easier to get financing when opening a franchise versus starting your own business. Lenders typically like to know that they’re making a good investment when making their loans, and by having an established business history and proven method of success, franchisees often receive higher dollar amounts and better interest rates.

Plus, when investing in a Marilyn Monroe Spas location, you have access to financing assistance through a third party, and we offer discounts for conversion candidates and United States military veterans.

Now that you’ve had some of those franchising myths debunked, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at opening a salon franchise in your future! For more information on franchising with Marilyn Monroe Spas, be sure to contact us today to speak with a representative.