Why the Spa Industry is Good for Multi-Unit Franchisees | Marilyn Monroe Spas Franchise

Why the Spa Industry Suggests Multi-Unit Ownership Is a Good Investment

For many spa franchise owners, the process is so fun and exciting that they can’t stop at just one. To maximize the success and profitability of our franchisees, we encourage them to take advantage of the opportunity to own multiple units. Multiple-unit ownership comes with several benefits that single-unit owners simply don’t get, and soon franchisees find themselves managing an empire of spa properties. As a multi-unit owner, you’ll enjoy the benefits of shared resources between your franchises, consolidated marketing efforts, and increased employee loyalty. Taking the spa industry by storm with multiple spa units is an exciting process, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

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Shared Resources and Marketing

The spa industry is largely dominated by multi-unit owners. Over half of the 450,000 franchises in the U.S. are owned by multi-unit owners, as it’s a highly-effective way of increasing your profitability and deepening your investment portfolio. However, in addition to the obvious monetary benefits and giving you an advantage in the spa industry, owning multiple franchises can also make it easy to manage resources and conduct marketing campaigns. When you own multiple spa franchises in the same area, you’re able to share resources like funds, supplies, and manpower.

More units doesn’t have to mean more hassle. Got a marketing campaign that had major success at your first franchise? Feel free to use it over and over again. Whatever medium you use to convey your message to clients, each of your locations can run the same promotions, ads, and marketing strategy. Also, being able to claim ownership of more than one spa will set you apart in the spa industry.

Employee Loyalty

Finding talented and competent employees can be difficult, and keeping them can be even more difficult. Many quality employees will leave a company simply because there is little room for advancement, and the job grows stale. With multiple franchises, your employees have more room for mobility. Whether it’s a management-level promotion or relocating to a different spa location, flexibility is a key to employee happiness. Your employees will be happy for the opportunity to work their way through your many salons and expose themselves to new, desirable positions.

Qualities of a Multi-Unit Owner

While owning multiple franchises isn’t necessarily more difficult than owning one, the work required of you will certainly be different. For anyone considering opening multiple units, you should have a big-picture mentality, be comfortable with delegating, maintain long-term perspective, have networking skills, a willingness to work within our proven systems and processes, and a high level of passion and patience. If this describes you, you might be poised to succeed as a multiple franchise owner.

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