Franchise Opportunity in Bexar County, Texas

Why Invest in a Bexar County Franchise?

It seems like spas and salons are popping up everywhere, as the industry is expanding nationwide. As the spa industry continues to grow, Marilyn Monroe Spas is growing alongside it, opening franchises in important markets all over the U.S. One such market is Bexar County, Texas, where San Antonio anchors this huge population. Keep reading to learn why investing in a Bexar County franchise is a smart business decision.

Expanding Economy

Bexar County’s largest city, San Antonio, is also one of the top economies in the entire country. According to Forbes’s most recent rankings of the best places for business and careers, San Antonio is in the top in nearly every category:

  • #61 Overall
  • #60 in Cost of Doing Business
  • #24 in Job Growth

San Antonio’s population is growing as jobs continue to grow at a higher-than-average rate of 3.3%. This means that your potential customer base tends to be employed, allowing them to visit your salon and spa franchise.

Business Support Resources

Opening a business takes a lot of hard work, so knowing the resources that are available to you can help you navigate the tricky waters of business ownership a little more easily. One of the resources that is available in Bexar county is the Small Business Administration, or SBA. As part of a national organization dedicated to fostering small business growth, the SBA in Bexar County can help you as you open, own and operate your business.

The SBA, located in San Antonio, is committed to helping small businesses in Bexar County and the surrounding area. When you work with the SBA, not only do you have access to national resource systems (like SCORE, an initiative that builds relationships between experienced business owners and new business owners), but you will also benefit from local expertise. The experts at the SBA know the business climate in Bexar County, so they can advise you on business matters, help you make connections, and guide you through complex processes like licensing.

Working with the SBA is a no brainer. Improving your existing skills and learning new ones that will help you run your franchise smoothly just makes sense. Even better, most business owners qualify for advising free of charge!

Investing in a Bexar County franchise is the smart way to get involved in your local economy and make it work for you. Become your own boss and work toward your goals every day by becoming the newest Marilyn Monroe Spas franchise owner. Learn more about our opportunity and get started right away.