Franchise Opportunity in Harris County, Texas

Why Invest in a Harris County Franchise?

The spa industry is expanding, and Marilyn Monroe Spa Franchises are expanding with it. We are looking for someone dedicated, hard-working, and passionate to open our newest spa franchise in Harris County, Texas.

Our exciting and versatile franchise concept is a perfect fit for Harris County, one of the fastest growing areas in the entire nation. Harris County’s growth has led to a wealth of franchise opportunities and a strong economy.

Investing in a spa franchise in Harris County is how you can become the owner of a glamorous business that you love.

Growth Means Opportunity

Harris County is one of the fastest growing areas in the entire nation. By far the biggest city in the county is Houston, which is seeing huge growth in its economy and population.

One measure of Houston’s growth is an annual report from U-Haul. The moving truck rental company discovered that Houston is the number one one-way truck rental destination in the United States. This is backed up by a Forbes estimation that Houston had over 19,000 people migrate to the city in 2014 alone.

All this growth is not just happening in Houston alone. Harris County is a huge part of the Houston metropolitan area, which is growing and thriving as the city grows. There are opportunities for spa franchises all around the county in any of the smaller cities and suburbs of Houston.

Strong Economy and Resources

The population in Harris County is growing so much because the economy is so strong. Jobs are growing at double the national rate, which is what’s attracting so many people to the area. High job growth has contributed to exceptionally low unemployment, another important indicator of a strong economy.

A spa franchise is an ideal fit in an economy like Harris County’s. In the period from 2014-2019, the salon and spa industry is projected to grow by 3.2%, for a total of $58.7 billion. As the industry grows, the Economic Development Division in Houston is dedicated to providing resources to help new business owners get started.

High population growth, a myriad of opportunities, a strong economy, and useful resources all add up to make Harris County an ideal location for a Marilyn Monroe Spas franchise. Investing in this area is a great way to get started as a business owner, doing work that you love.

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