Franchise Opportunity in Kings County, New York

Why Invest in a Kings County Franchise?

The spa industry is expanding, and Marilyn Monroe Spa Franchises are expanding with it. We are looking for someone dedicated, hard working, and passionate to open our newest spa franchise in Kings County, New York.

Investing in a Marilyn Monroe Spas allows you to combine the independence of owning a business with the support of working with an experienced team. Combine this with Kings County’s style-oriented population and a strong economy, and you can see how owning a spa in Kings County is a smart business decision.

The Most Stylish Borough

Kings County is the home of Brooklyn, the most stylish of New York City’s five boroughs. A spa is an ideal fit in the neighborhoods of Kings County where residents are dedicated to looking and feeling their best.

Brooklyn is one of the most influential places in the nation for street style, and the sheer number of quality clothing designers, boutiques, and thrift stores surely outpaces the rest of the country.

It’s not just clothes that make Brooklyn stylish. The city is dedicated to the arts in every form. There are studio spaces, performance halls, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, art galleries, and space for every form of creative expression that you can imagine.

In this city dedicated to style, fashion, and art, a salon and spa is a perfect fit. There is no better way to cap off a perfect outfit or elegantly curated jewelry than with a gorgeous haircut or fabulous manicure.

Economic Strength

New York City is an economic powerhouse, and Brooklyn contributes to the strong economy in every way. Its population is higher than any other borough in the city, and Brooklyn’s economic impact is second only to Manhattan.

Since 2003, the number of small businesses in Kings County has grown by 21%, which is a much higher growth rate than the rest of New York. In addition, job growth has been nearly 20%, almost double that of New York as a whole. Small businesses have been integral to the job growth in Brooklyn; 70% of the businesses in Brooklyn have fewer than five employees.

These positive economic trends show that Kings County has an economic foundation on which a spa franchise can build and grow. Investing in a franchise is a great way to take advantage of Kings County’s strong economy.

Learn more about our franchise opportunity by visiting our website. We look forward to hearing from you!